who are we?

The Audio Collective is a hybrid live-audio creator community, production house, and ambassador group. We help individuals and organizations expand their impact on and off Clubhouse.

  • Toni Thai Sterrett
    Toni Thai Sterrett
  • Kat Cole
    Kat Cole
  • Meezy
  • Francesca Hogi
    Francesca Hogi
  • Lupe Fiasco
    Lupe Fiasco
  • Catherine Connors
    Catherine Connors
  • James Andrews
    James Andrews
  • Lynnette Astaire
    Lynnette Astaire
  • Josh Constine
    Josh Constine
  • Julie M. Wenah
    Julie M. Wenah
  • Mohit Arora
    Mohit Arora
  • Leiti Hsu
    Leiti Hsu
  • Hyla
  • Rhian Beutler
    Rhian Beutler
  • Bomani X
    Bomani X
  • Jason Steinhauer
    Jason Steinhauer
  • Maceo Paisley
    Maceo Paisley
  • Mariana Bah
    Mariana Bah
  • Wayne Price
    Wayne Price
  • Gina Belafonte
    Gina Belafonte
  • Noah Lichtenstein
    Noah Lichtenstein
  • Denise Hamilton
    Denise Hamilton
  • Alaor Khadir
  • Jenny Steffanoti
    Jenny Stefanotti
  • Shara Senderoff
    Shara Senderoff
  • Ben Dietz
    Ben Dietz
  • Mir Harris
    Mir Harris
  • Zach Katz
    Zach Katz
  • Dr. Maytha Alhassen
    Dr. Maytha Alhassen
  • Sterling Proffer
    Sterling Proffer
  • Shondra Washington
    Shondra Washington
  • Izzy Pollack
    Izzy Pollack
  • Samantha Rose Stein
    Samantha Rose Stein
  • Rob Gordon IV
    Rob Gordon IV
  • Suzy Ryoo
    Suzy Ryoo
  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis
  • Nitika Chopra
    Nitika Chopra
  • Jacques-Philippe Piverger
    Jacques-Philippe Piverger
  • Espree Devora
    Espree Devora
  • Dr. Molly Maloof
    Dr. Molly Maloof