The Audio Collective is one of the first dedicated studio and creator initiatives in the live, interactive audio space. We partner with Clubhouse creators, agencies, brands, and studios to build engaging, interactive audio events.

The founding members of the Audio Collective are some of the earliest creators on the Clubhouse platform, brought together in its creator pilot program.  We are a diverse group with executive experience in many industries including entertainment, production, leadership, DEI, consumer businesses, marketing, media, the arts, and education.

Together, members of the Audio Collective have millions of followers on Clubhouse and host some of the platform’s most beloved rooms and shows, attracting hundreds of thousands of listeners each week.  Cumulatively, we have spent thousands of hours curating, producing and hosting live audio events, giving us an extensive understanding of the emergent medium. Our professional backgrounds, along with our rapidly acquired experience in social audio, make us uniquely positioned to help others innovate across this exciting new media landscape.